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1:1 Wispy Styling Training

1:1 Wispy Styling Training

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Requirements: experience in basic lash application

Training Cost: $900 + pro kit (valued at $200)*
Training Duration: 1 day in-person 1:1 training
Location: Las Vegas, NV

DURATION: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    •    Angel Set aka “Wet Look”
    •    Strip Lash inspired looks 
    •    Working with different sizes, curls and diameters 
    •    Catering to your clients desired look 
    •    Manipulating eye shapes 
    •    Fanning techniques 
    •    Layering Lashes 
    •    Taping Techniques
    •    Mapping Techniques
    •    Wispy Lash mapping template
    •    Advanced product knowledge
    •    Widen your services by offering different styles of lashes

For any questions or concerns please email

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