Whether you are trying to start your lash business or level up your skills in the industry, we've got you! We offer both In-person trainings to Online courses so that we can help artists all over the world.




What Does The Beginner Course Cover?

The Beginner Course covers all of the foundations of lashing to basic application of classic and volume lashes. This course are for beginners who have no experience to little experience and is looking to get certified. The courses are self-paced and is available to access 24/7 anywhere at the comfort of your own space.
⁃ Curriculum:
• Fundamentals of Lashing 
• In depth Lash Anatomy
• Lash Safety 
• Lash Curls, lengths and diameter
• Tools and Product Knowledge
• Basic lash mapping 
• Eye shape correction 
• Lash Isolation and application 
• Lash Removal
• Tips and techniques 
• Aftercare
• Sanitation and Safety Procedures 
• Consent and Consultation Forms 
• Nevada Requirements
• Licensing Education
• Anavi aesthetics lifetime discounts/ perks
• Certification

What Does The Wispy Styling Course Cover?

The Wispy Styling course are for semi-experienced lash artists familiar with the basic application of classics and volume lashes. This course will cover how to add wispiness and texture to your lash sets whether its volume, mega volume as well as creating the new style of wispy lashes. (+ digital download of Kiki, Azalea, and Thalia set mapping designs)
⁃ Curriculum:
• Angel Set aka “Wet Look”
• Strip Lash inspired looks 
• Working with different sizes, curls and diameters 
• Catering to your clients desired look 
• Manipulating eye shapes 
• Fanning techniques 
• Layering Lashes 
• Taping Techniques
• Mapping Techniques
• Wispy Lash mapping template
• Advanced product knowledge
• Anavi aesthetics lifetime discounts/ perks
• Certification

Will I Be Licensed After Completing This Course?

In many states it is required for beauty professionals to obtain an esthetician license or a cosmetology license to legally perform lash extension services. Please check your state requirements and regulations. We will only be certifying those who obtain  proof of license after completing any Anavi Aesthetics lash courses.

How long will I have access to the Online Courses?

Once you have purchased a course with us, you will have lifetime access to your modules. As a student, you’ll also have lifetime student perks!

Do You Offer Support After The Course?

It is our goal to ensure that all our students get all the help they need. Support will always be offered after the course is completed to help guide our students through their journey.

What materials would I need for the online course?

The Course includes a pro-kit that will provide everything you need for the hands on portion of the course. After purchasing the course, you will be provided instructions to order you kits
⁃ 3 lash trays
⁃ 3 fiber tip tweezers
⁃ Lash tile with Tweezer holder
⁃ Tape
⁃ Gel pads
⁃ Spoolies
⁃ Hand Held Fan
⁃ Blooming cups
⁃ Sponges to practice

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